Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014 American Music Awards

This past Sunday, America’s eyes were glued to the TV screen for a three hour, jam packed award show otherwise known as the American Music Awards (I shamelessly got my fix in the midst of finals, no regrets).  During the show, there weren’t many shocker moments – One Direction won 3/3 awards they were nominated for, Lorde had some entertaining dance moves, and Taylor Swift won a huge award that basically signified her reign over the music industry. I thoroughly enjoyed a few of the performances: Taylor Swift opened the show with an overdramatic, theatrical performance of her newest single “Blank Space,” Imagine Dragons sang “I Bet My Life” with a full-on choir backing them up, and Lorde sang The Hunger Games: Mockingjay theme song “Yellow Flicker Beat” without missing a beat. However, there were a few performances I disliked. Sam Smith nearly put me to sleep, Selena Gomez gave a heartfelt 3 minutes of lip syncing, and Iggy Azalea performed her latest hits with a completely expressionless face. 

Although the awards show itself is rarely surprising, the red carpet definitely had a shock factor. Here are my red carpet hits and misses. Side note, Fergie's dress reminds me a lot of Taylor Swift's dress from the 2013 Brit Awards. Thoughts?


Fergie, Bailee Madison, Charli XCX
Danica McKellar, Rita Ora, Julianne Hough

Kate Beckinsale, Kendall Jenner, Becky G


Taylor Schilling-- The first thing I thought of was a napkin stuck under your belt at the dinner table.

Heidi Klum-- Usually she can do no wrong. i'm just not a fan of this outfit at all.

Zendaya-- I just don't get it.

Gigi Hadid-- Why would one who is so beautiful wear something so ugly?

Jennifer Lopez-- it honestly looks like someone accidentally ripped the entire dress apart.

Bleona-- Do I need an explanation?


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